CW Multi-Modulation Radar Experimentation Platform

This compact (80mm x 40mm) platform is designed to allow researchers experiment with various 5.8GHz radar designs. All components necessary for a radar frontend are included in this platform, only requiring an external computer and measuring equipment to be supplied separately. These features along with the modularity of the design create the perfect platform for anyone interested in radar concepts.  


The system includes following RF components and respective functionalities:

  • ADF4159 PLL with 1.23MHz loop filter provides frequency ramping/modulation in sawtooth, triangle, or FSK formats within the 5.8GHz license-free ISM band.
  • ADL5375 IQ Modulator provides phase/amplitude modulation.
  • AD9106 DAC/DDS provides waveform generation for aforementioned modulator on both I/Q channels.
  • HMC951A IQ Downconverter allows for analysis of received radar signals.
  • RFSW6024 RF Switch provides selection of either the unmodulated carrier frequency generated by the PLL or the sampled modulated transmitted signal to be fed into the LO input of the aforementioned downconverter.


Other features include:

  • Built in Tx and Rx microstrip patch antennas with inline SW23 RF switches/probes for bypassing to external antennas.
  • Intermediate Frequency outputs from the receiver subsection is accessible through MHF4LK mini lockable RF output connectors.
  • Cortex M0+ Microcontroller for digital control of PLL, DAC, and RF bypass switch. Accessible through USB C interface.
  • Wide 12-20V input voltage range with input protections.
  • M2 mounting holes.


These features are to be built onto a high-frequency PCB material using RF-design techniques.

(photo of revision 1 design without microcontroller and USB C input)

About Me

I am a secondary student at Middleton High with interests in electrical engineering, specifically RF/Microwave. I hope that with the design of this system, I can help not only myself but others conduct research on radar modulation techniques at a low cost.

Further Details

For more information including schematic design files, BOM, and PLL simulation files can be found on the GitHub:

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Jul 16,2021
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