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Dear Sir or Madam,

my name is Marius Jakorbartl and I am responsible for the sponsoring department at CURE Mannheim. CURE Mannheim is the formula student racing team of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim. We consist of more than 70 enthusiastic students from over 20 different courses of study.


We all work together, developing the electric race car of tomorrow. This development helps us as students to practically apply our theoretical knowledge in all aspects, whether that be marketing, software development or technical engineering. Moreover, we are all able to learn from the diverse set of skills and knowledge within the team, broadening our understanding past our courses of study.


Over the 4 years of us building cars, we were able to develop into a professional racing team. Every year we develop a new race car and build on the experiences and knowledge of the past. The picture below displays our current car, the CM-19e, with which we were able to compete competitively at the Formula Student events in Austria, Italy and the Netherlands. These achievements could not have been possible without the incredibly hard work of everyone involved, but also the partners and sponsors working with us to make this a reality.


As we build an electric car, electrical components not only power the drivetrain, but also run critical safety components. Furthermore, sensors, gyroscopes and accelerometers enable us to understand and optimize our cars performance.


Therefore, in order for us to successfully build this type of car, PCBs play an integral role. Yet with some of them being very hard to assemble, allocating properly functioning parts can be difficult.

As you offer pre-assembled PCBs and have a very good reputation in terms of reliability, your products would fit our needs perfectly.


Therefore, we would kindly like to inquire about a possible partnership, in form of a sponsorship.

If required, we can send you additional information concerning our team and how your company could be represented.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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Jan 13,2020
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