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Competition Introduction with related photos:

UBC Orbit is the University of British Columbia’s satellite design team. We build satellites for the CSDC and more recently have begun to build satellites for the BC Government. THe CSDC is the canadian satellite design challenge and is a multi university challenge that has them compete to see who has built the best satellite and the winner gets a launch for their satellite to go into space. UBC Orbit has been competing in this competition with an image recognition payload.

Project Introduction:

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UBC Orbit currently has two satellite’s being designed. One is a image recognition payload that will survey the earth looking for forest fires using onboard image processing to determine the location of a fire given a smoke trail. The next one is a propulsion and navigation payload that will take a satellite to the moon and orbit around it. IN the future more payloads will probably be added as our team develops new payloads.

Project Details

The Thunderbird satellite, which is the earth observation satellite, currently has a number of boards. This includes a CDH Board which is the main controller of the satellite, the eps board which is power control, a few solar panel pcbs, a comms board, and an adcs board. Eventually we may not be able to handle the manufacturing of these items. So most likely we will hand off the pcb assembly and putting all the components on the pcb to another company.

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November 01,2016
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