Building my own Combat Robot

I have spent the last month in Fusion 360 designing my own combat robot. I have wanted to compete in various events and comps throughout Australia (Robowars Australia, Adelaide Robot Combat, Melbourne Combat Robotics) and have finally decided to build my own. So far, I have purchased the various drive components (motors esc's axels bearings wheels belts pulleys, ect) and similar for the weapon's drive. This in itself was quite expensive and cost around $300-$400. I Then realized that getting parts cnced was really expensive and there was no way my team could afford this. I then did some looking around and heard about PCBway from YouTube and that they do cncing and laser cutting.

I have been watching Battle bots on TV for years now and I believe I have what it takes to design a very competitive bot.

This is what the cad model looks like.

Here are the components for the drive system on one side of the bot.

This is an expanded view of all the components.

Here is an expanded top view.

Here is a side view.

Here are some parts that will be cnced, these are the bearing holders.

Some of the aluminium frame parts, they will be welded together.

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Oct 04,2022
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