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Bracalet Pro Rev. 2

In this bad time we are in, we should stay away from the coronavirus threat as much as possible. However, some of the people who were caught coronavirus and were quarantined in their homes, ignore this threat and escape from their homes and quarantine. Quarantined people pose a huge threat to other healthy people. We thought of many ways to minimize this threat and came up with this idea by combining our skills as electronic engineering students. We are planning to develop a wearable device to follow these people who escape from their homes during the quarantine process, to enable them to spend their quarantine processes in the most efficient way, and to provide them with instant reports to the authorities.

I made the revision 2 of project. It include ATMEGA328P microcontroller, SIM808 GSM and GPS module, an SMD GPS Antenna (Linx), touch and proximity sensor, Li-Po charger and protection circuit, Nano Sim Card holder.

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May 05,2021
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