Batarang Custom Mechanical Keyboard With Cirque Trackpad

I always wanted a cool Batman theme custom mechanical keyboard that is compact and have a mouse feature. So I designed a bat shape keyboard with a Cirque glidepoint trackpad in the middle, powered by PGA2040 mcu, rotary encoder and a usb daughterboard. This keyboard is a 49 keys staggered keyboard with an ISO enter. This is the back side of my keyboard with my logo. Cut out in the middle for wires connecting to the Cirque trackpad to the pcb. I have also custom designed a trackpad holder stand that can be 3D printed and screw onto the pcb. QMK firmware already been tested and it works. I think my Batarang keyboard is one of a kind for now. I haven't encountered or seen anyone with this kinda of keyboard in the Discord communities. Please help fund my project so I can make the keyboard into reality. This is my 2nd pcb design. I am currently working as a IT database for hospital applications. I have zero background in electronics. I have been into mechanical keyboard since last year April 2022. The Batarang was designed by using EasyEDA web application. I started designing this year January using knowledge from YouTube and asking around in Discord communities. BOM that are needed to build this keyboard are Pimoroni PGA2040 mcu, diodes smd, usb c daughterboard, rotary encoder. Thanks.

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May 18,2023
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