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Hello, our group consist of Marcos Cobos, Daniel Guillen and Alfonso Ramos. We are all pursuing our degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso. We have grown together as friends and colleges. The passion that we share with our current work and duties is something that has led to our success in team projects. The purpose of our project is to make a saxophone that is able to perform without any human assistance. One of the goals of this implementation is for educational purposes. To be able to assist people that have some knowledge in music to expand their capabilities in learning other instruments.

The saxophone is all controlled with the use a of a TIVA micro-controller. This micro-controller is in charge of sending signals to the PCB that controls a series of solenoid actuators mounted on a specially designed structure to either press or release the saxophone keys and the mouthpiece. Also, the TIVA, with the use of the PCB, is able to control the external air pressure to produce sound with dynamics. Now, because we want to give the user the ability to not just see the saxophone perform but to also be able to interact with it, we have included the support of a MIDI piano and an Android application that are attached to our interface computer to send commands to the instrument. With those two components, the user is able to control the song playback and also to directly play into the piano without having to know how to perform on saxophone. Our PCB was designed in such a way to include the 24 relay with their driver circuits to supply 2A of current to the solenoid actuators that will allow for the saxophone to be played.

Photo Nov 15, 3 19 56 PM.jpg

Photo May 04, 1 45 12 PM.jpg

Photo Mar 31, 10 34 09 AM (1).jpg

Photo May 05, 10 57 02 AM.jpg

We are greatly appreciated that PCBWay offers this opportunity to students. As student we struggle plenty with expectations and completing our desire to expand in our field. With expanding our concept and ideas also come at an expense. This opportunity would greatly assist us in our expenses and would be one less worry for us that would impact our progress as professional engineers.


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Nov 16,2017
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