BadAiR - engineer degree project

BadAiR is my engineer degree project involving the creating a device for measuring air quality (smog) attached to drone.

This unit will take smoke from chimney, and after collecting all readings are sended to ground device.

The device mounted on the UAV uses sensors like:

PMS 7003 for PM1.0 PM2.5 PM10 in ug/m3

MQ-07 for CO in ppm

BMP-180 for Preassure

DHT 22 for Tem and Hum in *C and %

NEO 6M for GPS data like lat lng and adt

LoRa module SX1278 is used for communication with the ground unit.


All sensors are modular, device can work without one or more sensors.  


The same module is in the receiver, the data received from the drone is sended to ESP 8266. 

Using wifi and websockets, packages with readings are sent to the Node.js server where they are presented on page.