BLUE_P: Wireless Arduino Programming Shield

I am shubham shinganapure an electronics engineering student.

Many times we make projects using Arduino, while working with it we need to connect it with PC to upload program using USB cable. In this tutorial I’m going to replace this USB cable with a wireless programming shield. This shield is build using a Bluetooth module HC-05.

I make this shield using doted PCB, some male female header pin connectors, two resistors which are use as a voltage devider, and a 0.1uf ceramic capacitor. I tried to make it like an arduino shield so can easily mount it on arduino boards and program them without using a USB cable.

Now I design more professional version of it which features wireless programming of arduino boards, and also can be use for programing the PIO(Programable Input Output) of bluetooth module through the SPI Pins of HC-05 

I am thanking to PCBWay to create this oportunity for maker like me to make our dream projects in real life, by using pcb fabrication services from pcbway we get professional look to our project pcb.

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Sep 26,2018
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