Auxiliary power supply for three phase inverters

About me

I am Szotyesz, a high school student, and I have been working on power electronics projects for the last couple of years.

The power supply

This is an auxiliary power supply for three phase inverters. The device can output 4 different voltage levels, suiting the needs of a gate driver. 18V and -4.7V are an excellent choice for SiC-MOSFETs, but it is possible to use other types of semiconductor modules like IGBTs or even Thyristors. The power converter is also capable of driving other essential control units in small scale inverters (MCUs, relays, contactors) using the 12V and 5V power supply line. It utilizes a compact flyback converter based on ST's evaluation design. Double reinforced isolation allows the safe operation of the gate drivers, and other units of the inverter.

I would be really grateful if PCBWay could support this project, as their services are always excellent, and they even have CNC capabilities, so an additional heat sink could also be produced for this project.

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Jan 28,2023
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