Austrialian Scout Jamboree 2019 Soldering Kit

My name is Lachie. I am a Scout leader and Engineer. I have designed this board as a soldering kit for the Australian Scout Jamboree 2019 (AJ2019).

AJ2019 is a 10 day camp for Scouts from all over Australia and even the World. There will be 8000 Scouts plus thousands of Leaders at this big event. Over 2000 Scouts will come through the HiTech soldering activity and build one of these boards.

The HiTech soldering activity will teach Scouts to solder and aim to encourage interest in electronics by showing how accessible it is to everyone.

Once built, the board has three functions:

  1. Simon Says Game. The LEDs flash in a short randomized sequence. The Scout then presses the corresponding buttons to those LEDs that flashed. The sequence gets longer and longer, getting harder and harder.

  2. Connecting Together. The USB connectors allow Scouts to connect two boards together. When connected, the boards share their unique ID number allowing them to keep track of how many other people they have connected with. This encourages the Scouts to meet people from all over Australia and even the World who are attending.

  3. Scores! The Scouts can then press a button sequence to display their Game Score or their Connections Score. The LEDs have numbers 100, 10 and 1 next to each. Scores are displayed by flashing the number of 100s, 10s and 1s of the number.

This project is Open Source and can be viewed at the following links:

The project uses a low cost PIC12LF1572-I/SN. A surface mount PIC and Battery Holder are used to be pre-assembled to reduce the complexity for the Scouts. Three buttons are connected to a single analog pin with a DAC circuit. LEDs are all driven off the three PWM channels. The USB connectors have a serial connection on the two data pins (not actually USB communication) which communicated between boards. Happy to share more information on the design if interested.

### Words to PCBWay

Scouts is a community organisation aiming to educate children and create the leaders of tomorrow. As a community organisation, we appreciate any financial help we can. These boards will be ordered through PCBWay and have two surface mount components pre-assembled by PCBWay as well. A discount on PCB manufacture and/or assembly would allow us to better deliver this fantastic activity to the youth.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Oct 31,2018
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