I am a young student based in Spain, I have always been passionate abour aerospace and most importantly hobby electronics and Arduino, I have carried out several projects of this kind such as DIY automated vaccum cleaners, Mobile phone controlled drones and more. I am experienced in 3D printing, Custom Drone manufacturing, Videography, Aviation and electrical engineering.

I am currently working on a challening and helpful project to hopefully help move forward the aerospace sector for hobbyists alike. The idea is to create the cheapest possible and smallest satellite possible in order to reduce launch costs while still maintaining all necessary sensors to carry out the mission. The picosatellite is based on an atmega 328 thus it will be easily programmed by hobbyists.

This project is still in its early stages of development and the PCB will require various modifications before its construction due to the complexity of the build.

The form factor of the pico satellite is a single double sided PCB the components for this first version are only a proof of concept and are made to function on earth (Thus the low power radio transmitter). The components include:

- 433mhz Transmitter

- Atmega 328p AU

- 2x 4v Silicon / Gallium Arsenide Solar cells

- BMP 180 sensor

- Triple axis magnetometer HMC 5883L

- Voltage Step-Down / smoothing circuit

- Passive magnets to align with earths magnetic field


The satellite will hold solar cells on both sides in order to avoid issues with orientation regarding the sun. The satellite will most importantly  tramsit in simple OOK coding or actual text to speech in order to allow all amateurs around earth to listen to its transmition.

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 22.38.10.png

The picture above is a very basic draft still mising some of the features outlined above but the basic design idea is there.

I would greatly Aprecciate if PCBway took the time to thoroughly consider this sponsorship and help advance the aerospace sector for the cummunity.

Best Regards,


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Dec 28,2017
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