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I'm an electronic engineering student of the university of Bologna (ITALY) with a crazy passion in PCB Design, Automotive, iot world and home automation so I've decided to develop a cheap board based on the arduino pro mini.
The main goal of the project is to develop a simple board for every sensor you can place in a house (temperature, humidity, pressure, dust, motion, LCD, relays).
It is designed to be AC mains powered through a cheap AC->DC converter and also it has a battery manager to use it as battery powered with UPS capability. So when the main AC gone it starts automatically to use the battery power.
The comunication with a gateway is made of course by RF and you can choose between the RFM69 and allso the NRF24, first is low frequency and usable in long range application the other goes on 2,4GHz frequency.

I've thinked all the project keeping in mind perfect compatibility with protocol.


Main features of the board:

  • AC powered

  • Single cell li-po/li-ion battery powered with automatic switch from AC to battery power (UPS capability).

  • Compatible with Arduino Pro Mini and equivalent clones

  • Wi-Fi capability based on RFM69 or NRF24

  • Combined RF antenna connector: direct cable soldering, SMA or u.FL

  • Wide variety of sensors/actuators can be connected

Top rendering: 


Bottom rendering:


I'm planning to print a first batch and test it at my home and if everything will be ok I'll share the whole project on the community.
Maybe if there is sufficient interest on this board I can produce a larger batch from you or gives gerber and tell peoples to produce the pcb on your website.
I'm also developing a LoRa version of this board and another version equipped with esp8266 instead of arduino. They will be available I think from 2019.
To manage all the nodes and get data I'm also developing a Raspberry HAT equipped with an RFM69/NRF24, a LoRa transceiver and UPS capability to maintain the whole network up also without AC main power.
After my first order I was very satisfied by the speed and the quality of you work so I want to work with you again!

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Nov 26,2018
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