Arduino NANO to UNO

Hello PCBWAY My name is Deniz

My project;

As your information, there are various shield models for Arduino uno Boards.

These shields reduce the coding time and prevent us from harming economically, but it is very difficult to use with ARDUINO NANO Arduino nano structure is different from ARDUINO UNO structure and this difference prevents us from using shields.

pcb i made solves this problem

When we use arduino nano with pcb, it works just like arduino uno and its dimensions are the same up to its pins, the extra 2 analog inputs are included in it.

In this way, we can now use Arduino nano like Arduino uno with its extra features.

With the Extra Power Terminal, we can directly connect the connector and provide VIN input to the Arduino.

And we can connect different modules as an extra

and I increased the number of gnd lines with extra 5v.


It is compatible with all Arduino Uno Shield Models.

Extra 5v, GND, VIN Lines

Including Extra Modules.

Dimensions One to One Compatible with Arduino Uno

We Can Power The Board With KLEMENS

Arduino Nano can be removed and installed if you want, so you can use it in different projects.

I Would Really Happen If You Accept My Project

Thank you in pcbway Greetings from Turkey

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Dec 21,2020
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