Ambulatory Urodynamics

### DESCRIPTION ( Introduce yourserlf and your project)

I am a student in biomedical engineering at "Université libre de Bruxelles". I am currently undertaking an intership at University College London in the Aspire CREATe laboratory. My project aims to help people who have had a spinal cord injury (SCI). Neurogenic bladder is a common condition resulting from =SCI. Currently I am developing a device to calculate the pressure in the bladder in real time. Monitoring and controlling bladder pressure is necessary to avoid muscle overactivity which increases the pressure resulting in incontinence.


A prototype board has been made; however, it is too big for use in a hand-held device. I modified the board design to reduce the size of the device, and hence need a PCB to connect the smaller, surface mount components.


### TECHNICAL DETAILS (With project photos)


The aim of the project is to measure the vesical and abdominal (rectal) pressures to derive the pressure taking place inside the detrusor which is related to its contraction. This must be done using an ambulatory device since the final device will be portable. The pressures are recorded and converted by a transducer into an electrical voltage. This signal must then be transmitted to a microchip and stored on an micro SD card before being wirelessly sent to a smartphone to be computed and displayed for analysis. Hereunder, you can find a summary of the specifications of the device to be constructed:


### Words to PCBWay


This is my first PCB designed in the UK. I had no idea where to print my PCB. I asked different people to advise me. Everybody told me about PCBWay. This site was recommended to me by my supervisors, my colleagues, and others at the university.

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