Advanced line follower

Open source advanced line follower with path optimization algorithm

Greetings and thank you for your interest. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Rafael, a member of a Brazilian robotics team aiming to incorporate diverse technologies into our robots. We have made a significant impact on our local community by providing free electronics and robotics classes. We believe in thinking outside the box and encourage all our team members to do the same. In our pursuit of innovation, we have developed an open-source advanced line follower equipped with a path optimization algorithm.

What is the current scenery of line followers in Brazil?

The current state of line followers in Brazil has reached a plateau where most robots look similar and employ similar controller methods. Our project seeks to break this pattern by utilizing a unique controller method not yet widely employed in Brazil.

How does it work?

So how does our line follower work? It utilizes odometry and gyroscopes to map the track. After the initial run, the robot optimizes the track internally and adjusts itself for subsequent runs, relying solely on its internal data.

Why open source?

Why have we chosen to make our project open source? Although it may seem like a significant advantage, we firmly believe that technology thrives through innovation. By open sourcing our work, we hope to foster the development of new and improved technologies. Being part of this collaborative process is far more valuable to us than maintaining a competitive edge.

Technical hardware stuff

Now, let's delve into the technical aspects of our hardware design:

Differential activation

By employing two MOSFETs, we can activate the sensors separately. This ensures that neighboring sensors do not interfere with each other.

Signal versatility

We have incorporated the flexibility of choosing between receiving either the raw analog signal or a digital signal through an OP AMP. This can be easily achieved by bridging a solder joint.

Expansion ports

Our line follower also features expansion ports that allow for the addition of various devices, such as those aimed at improving normal force or other functionalities.


In conclusion, we appreciate your time and consideration in reading about our project. There is much more to discover and explore within this endeavor, and we plan to provide updated and comprehensive documentation in the future. Thank you for your support!

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Jun 04,2023
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