A vital-signs-monitoring band for COVID-infected patients

Who are we?

CovideX - we are a team of ambitious students from Warsaw University of Technology doing our part in mitigating the overload of healthcare due caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Our journey started in September 2020 after a group of front-line healthcare workers approach us with a problem to solve - eliminate the need of constant checkups of basic vital signs of patients, who - due to the equipment shortages - could not be provided with complex medical instruments. Such parameters include ECG, hydration, temperature, heart rate, oximetry and respiratory rate. We took on the challenge and started researching possible ways of quickly delivering with a simple, reliable device capable of autonomous monitoring, that would be able to instantly notify about any alarming deviations.

What is our idea?

The project has been split into two main parts:


Our research has lead us to the consensus of utilizing a widespread form of a smartwatch. Such an approach enables us to design a robust, long-lasting platform, which does not require any interaction from the user. Its autonomy excellently fits all intended use cases - no matter age, state or technical abilities of the monitored patient. Early tests have proven it possible to achieve up to one week of WiFi-enabled activity on a single charge, creating an opportunity of a whole-hospital-stay charge.


Due to the fluidity of the current situation, we decided to provide both centralized and personal notifying systems. The centralized system is a currently under-development web app intended to be displayed as a main dashboard for the hospital staff, clearly flagging all patients in need. The personalized approach, on the other hand, is a smartphone app giving the flexibility of being in constant contact - in some way replacing pager functionality.

How will the device look like?


Early prototypes of the device's cases have already been designed. Although the final outcome is still subject to future changes, we aimed to keep the form clean and minimalist, creating small a non-stigmatizing device that looks nothing like a medical instrument. 

Monitoring app

What is our progress so far?

We are working quickly and have already reached a stage of designing first prototype boards, hoping to deploy the final device in the next couple of months. Amongst already implemented features are ECG, oximetry and respiratory rate measurement. We seek any help, that would speed up the development - hence we apply for a sponsorship from PCBWay. Our previous encounters with PCBWay have proven nothing but sheer excellence of prototype PCB manufacturing. We would like to cooperate, as we are assured of the quality, promptness and reliability - the virtues we most value.

Future plans

As stated, our goal is to implement our solution as fast as possible and, after passing mandatory certifications, release all technical documentation open-source to enable all interested parties to produce the band. Although we are still early in the process, we are positive about current prospects and deeply hope that PCBWay will be interested in partnering in this important initiative <3

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Dec 12,2020
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