ATtiny85 Mini Dev Board

This dev board is low cost, sleek, and easy to use.

Let me tell you a bit about it.

8K flash, 512B SRAM, 512B EEPROM

8MHz Clock

MicroUSB port for programming and power

Onboard voltage reg for up to 16V input

Reset button

5GPIO pins

Compatible with Arduino IDE!

Such a tiny and useful board.

Low cost and durable PCB, and this can be a board for embedded projects.

The size is perfect for small spaces, and it comes with V-USB, so you can ditch those programmers.

It's breadboard friendly, so you can begin prototyping immediately.

We are a team of students who love to make Arduino's and build projects with these, which is why we made this board.

With PCBway's low costs we hope to begin prototyping these soon and produce with low costs to sell at low costs.

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Oct 03,2020
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