ARUS Andalucía Racing Team

ARUS Racing Team is the motorsport team of the University of Seville, made up of more than 90 students from different university degrees. During each academic year, ARUS designs and produces an electric single-seater from scratch. All members put their best effort to achieve the best position in Formula Student, the most recognized university engineering competition worldwide. 

After this successful season, in which we have achieved numerous awards, such as a 3rd Overall in Italy or 2 first prizes in our Business Plan in Formula Student Germany, we have decided to take a step forward and include some new features in our electric vehicle.

Our 3d Designs:

  • 3D Printed car model

Last year, we designed and built a 3D model in PLA of our car with the aim to test it in a wind tunnel. We obtained a lot of aerodynamic information about the single-seater, and we could improve the car’s performance compared to other years. 

  • 3D Printed PCB boxes

Every year, we design boxes to house our PCBs that will make our car work. The boxes must be resistant, light and waterproof, so as not to compromise the optimal functioning of our PCBs. Once the design is approved, we start to make them with 3D printers. 

  • Control box

It's a piece built in PLA-12 which is inside our vehicle, close to the battery. This box houses a large part of the car's PCBs inside, as well as some relays that are responsible for letting high voltage circulate to the engine.

Our words to PCBWay:

For this season, we want to take a leap on quality in our designs and, due to this, we would like to collaborate with you to manufacture new components of our new car with better build quality and materials, which would improve the performance and reliability in general.

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Feb 07,2023
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