ARES Robotics NSUT, India

About Us:

Team A.R.E.S. (Automated Rover using Embedded Systems) is a group of thirty highly motivated science enthusiasts from Netaji Subhas University Technology. At ARES, we like to think out-of-the-box to formulate, design and build a rover that can be used for the early exploration of Mars. We aim to innovate in the field of rover technology with conscientious hard work and determination. As a team, our goal is to perform our best in global competitions and bring about a change in the current technology with effective and innovative ideas.

Project Description:

Our rover Pegasus is an autonomous rover controlled by Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Jetson Xavier. The rover systems are mounted on a space frame chassis outfitted which provide protection from external intrusion with a four wheel trailing and leading arm suspension system. Four 24V Brushed Geared DC motors form the propulsion system. High torque brushed DC motors (Tokushu Denso 9K24F) have been used for rover propulsion. Optical wheel encoders on each motor allow for precise position feedback control. The propulsion motors are controlled by raspberry pi GPIO pins. 

The science sensor modules consist of DHT11 (for air humidity), BMP180 (atmospheric pressure and temperature) , Ammonia and Methane sensor, pH and Moisture sensor and spectrometer covering the UV and visible range ( 250nm - 750nm) for spectral analysis of soil samples along with a microscope camera for soil texture analysis has also been implemented. Communication system consists of 2.4GHz (Control signals) and 5.8GHz (video streaming ) spectrum.

The Science hub is controlled by arduino nano using a USB cable. The arduino nano is also used to change the color between modes (blue for manual and red for autonomous). 

We have used a GPS module and a Razor IMU MPU-9250 for both tracking during manual propulsion as well as calculating odometry during autonomous mode. Communication of all the sensor data to the base station is done using web sockets. We have developed several GUIs for easy control and maneuverability. There is a GUI for propulsion, arm control as well as for the entire science hub.

The image below shows our power module:

It delivers a constant voltage or constant current supply that can deliver up to 150W of power with some features like current limiting (in-case of short circuit).

Battery management system:

Li-io / Li-po Battery management system with over-charge and over-discharge protection, temperature monitoring, along with short-circuit protection. Capable of handling up to 8S and is based on a fully analog design for faster response and better precision.

Motor Driver:

Given below is a low-Cost Motor Driver capable of delivering up to 200W and fast response time for better motor control.

Words to PCBWay:

Support from PCBWay would be an enormous help towards reaching our goal in time! Our mission requires financial support, which is often a problem for students like us. For this reason we decided to consider PCBWay as our manufacturer, thanks to its possibility to provide us a high quality service while ensuring a small production time with a favourable price.

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Mar 24,2021
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