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6-DOF Robotic Arm PCBs...


Mechatronics Engineering Department students from Kocaeli University, Turkey are designing an aircraft for their final project. The aircraft is going to have robotic arm on it. The purpose is to control and stabilize it. The design process of the aircraft has been completed. Now, it is the time to make it real. 


Buck Converter

  • The robotic arm draws nearly 1 A current without load. 

  • It draws 5 A current when robotic arm is overloaded.

  • Therefore, we needed to make a powerful and efficient power supply. We designed %90 efficient (7.4 V 5 A) buck converter. The board has linear regulators for low power applications.


Control Board

  • Robotic arm must be controlled via RC controller therewithal it must balance itself. 

    For this purpose we designed a control board. It can drive 9 servo motors at the same time, read values from RC receiver and it can balance the robotic arm thanks to its Inertial Measurement Unit. 


Power Dissipation Board

  • An aerial vehicle with robotic arm needs high torque brushless motor. High torque means high current. High current should bring extra attention, clean work and cabling together.

    Therefore, we designed power dissipation board to get rid of cable jam. It can provide 22 V / 240 A.



Thank you very much for your humility and care. You care all the engineer candidates, students and engineers. It is a really big job that you are doing. Thank you for supporting us. This makes us more enthusiastic.

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May 07,2018
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