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500W sound amplifier based on the IRAUDAMP 1

Hello, my name is Miguel Angel and I am an electronics student from Argentina, I want to show you today my project which is a 500 W RMS sound amplifier based on the International Rectifier's IRAUDAMP 1, I decided to design this amplifier since lately it was It has made it very difficult to get amplifiers of this class, of good quality and inexpensive, so I designed this amplifier that with very few components and easy to get we will get an amplifier with excellent performance and of very good quality.

This amplifier will allow us to obtain versatile powers depending on the application, it will also allow the use of all types of speakers either for high medium or low frequencies with good power and sound quality.

For a long time I have heard that class D sound amplifiers are of no use that they have a much lower quality than other classes of amplifiers commonly used, this amplifier was partly designed to show that this class of amplifiers have many advantages over those of more classes and that this class also offers my ciriterio a sound quality equal to that of any class AB amplifier.

Regarding the efficiency of this amplifier, it is around 90% but it depends a lot on the components that are used, especially on the RDS (on) of the mosfets to be used, also on the resistance of the inductor that is used, for which I recommend the use of good quality inductors, since they will ensure a good sound and without distortion caused by saturation of the inductor, it is also recommended to use generous mosfets to withstand current peaks without suffering so much, I also recommend the use of mosfet with the lowest possible gate load, since this will limit the amplifier's working frequency.

On the other hand, I would like to place a lot of emphasis on the power source that this amplifier must carry, since this class of amplifiers is not that they do not consume, but that what they consume very little is wasted by the amplifier, so if If you want to obtain a reliable and stable power in this amplifier, I recommend sizing the transformer by 10% to have a considerable range in the amplifier supply.

Do not forget either the bank of good quality capacitors to avoid voltage drops produced by the current peaks consumed by the amplifier.

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May 05,2021
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