4WD Smart Robot Car

Hi Makers,

We have good news for you. In this tutorial, we are now a classic model. 4WD SMART ROBOT CAR. If you have this car, you will be able to avoid obstacles and follow the necessary lines to reach your destination and protect the distances. You can do this autonomously. If you want to have control with your hands, you will be able to control your car with APK via the Bluetooth module.

You know, or you've seen, car kits usually have a plastic chassis. We have designed as PCB. This will save you from the unnecessary cable crowds. You'll also have a more elegant and simple look.

4WD SMART ROBOT CAR is exactly a "plug and play" kit. You won't need cable connections too much. Because of the PCB we designed, we made the necessary paths for you.

What are the features of the 4WD SMART ROBOT CAR?

- Bluetooth Control

- Obstacle Avoiding

- Line tracking - following

- Ultrasonic distance

And no more words. Ladies and Gentlemen Please Welcome “4WD SMART ROBOT CAR”

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May 11,2019
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