12-24 VDC 10A Solar Panel and PSU charger + Power Management

12-24 VDC 10A Battery charger with PSU & Solar Panel

I'm an Electronics Designer from PT. Daun Biru Engineering. This project is prototype of our module called "PM Kapal v4". The previous version can only charge a 12V battery although it's voltage max. at 24V. Beside that it can only charge with 1 source, regular power supply. It just can handle max. 1A current to charge the battery.

In this newer V4 we decide to replace all the relay with MOSFET, so It gain flexibility to charge a 12V or 24V battery at max. 10A current. This module also has dual power source: PSU and Solar Panel. We also add button and LCD, so we can monitor the power and calibrate the module. This automatically detect if the power source is plugged in or not, then immediately show the value of the voltage source.

  • Core: STM32F103C8
  • Battery: 12V-24V
  • PSU: 15V-30VDC
  • Solar Panel: min. 20WP
  • Load: based on battery
  • Interface: LCD and button
  • Main feature: Voltage and current monitoring

If this prototype is successful. We will make the official embedded IoT module version of "PM Kapal v4" with additional interfaces: Modbus and Ethernet.

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Oct 20,2020
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