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1000W Class D Sound Amplifier

Greetings colleagues, My name is Juan David and I am a student of electronic engineering at the central university of Nicaragua, I consider myself a passionate person for what I do and I really like PCB design, so today I present a project that I had been designing and testing for several weeks now, I present my 1000W class D amplifier.

This amplifier is based on the already known IRS-D900 from the International Rectifer company, This amplifier is very versatile since it can be used to work the entire frequency range, in addition, simple changes in the circuit allow to adjust the power as required by the application.

Basically the power of this amplifier is limited to the power supply that is used, among other things, the saturation current of the inductor that is used must also be taken into account since if it saturates early it will directly affect the quality of the inductor .amplifier sound.

I personally recommend the T157-2 core for the output inductor of this amplifier, working at powers equal to or less than 600W, to obtain optimal sound quality at all times, if more power is required it is advisable to put together several cores in order to generate a larger ferrite area and get a more solid inductor preventing it from saturating.

Another issue to take into account would be the use of mosfets with a low Qg since if it is very high it could limit the switching on and off of the mosfets at high frequency causing damage to the amplifier, I also recommend the use of mosfets with RDs (on) as low as possible since this resistance of the mosfet will directly influence the efficiency percentage of the amplifier.

One thing that I would like to clarify about this amplifier topology is that, having an efficiency close to 93% does not mean that they do not consume, it only means that they do not waste, therefore if you really want to obtain high powers you should use a source of the same power or greater by 10% or 20% so that it works more rested, also good capacitors to keep the supply voltage as stable as possible and that will generate a reliable and stable amplifier.

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Mar 26,2021
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