This is the improved Quad Stall Motor Controller w/ point Sense "hat" for the   

Raspberry   Pi.  It  uses   TC4428's  to  drive  the  Stall  Motors  and  uses  
SN74AHC00N's wired as RS FlipFlops to debounce the point sense (assumes a SPDT  
switch  mechanically  connected  to the points (or the internal  switch in the  
Stall Motor).  Uses 8 GPIO pins:                                                
BCM17 Motor 1                                                                   
BCM18 Motor 2                                                                   
BCM27 Points 1                                                                  
BCM22 Points 2                                                                  
BCM23 Motor 3                                                                   
BCM24 Motor 4                                                                   
BCM25 Points 3                                                                  
BCM4  Points 4

GitHub Projecct:                                                            
Mouser Project (parts):                                                    
OpenMRN program: QuadSMCSenseOpenMRN, on GitHub at:

Mar 12,2019
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