PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

[PCB] Blind vias in PCB quote

Hi, If my design contains blind vias, PCB material option should be "HDI" instead "FR4" in on-line quote?. See picture below:Thanks

[PCB] Why the vias produced as soldermask opening when I choose tenting vias for my order

Because many customers don't know the meaning of vias process on our website or choose them as default. So we always follow the gerber files to produce the vias to avoid mistake. This is our solution of vias in gerber file. If the files is .pcb or .pcbdoc files, we will check the way of vias with the customers as we are afraid we generate the w...

[PCB] Blind via diameter capability

Hello, I'm designing a 4-layer board in Eagle with blind vias from layers 1-2 and 15-16. I was wondering if the 0.2mm diameter minimum drill size for vias applies to blind vias as well as normal vias.

[PCB] Via in single-layer board, is it copper plated?

I haven't order any single-layer board before, so anyone who has done before? Thank you.
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