[Assembly] What kind of files are needed for PCB Assembly service and how can i gernerate it from Eagle?

What files are needed for PCB assembly service and is there an ULP or CAM job file available to generate it automatically from eagle?

[Assembly] Use acetone to clean the solder surfaces

Hi,Iwonder if i can use acetone to clean the solder surfaces of the pcb tables before i solder the componentsor it will destroy the surface of the pcb tablesI would also like to know if acetone removes the solder flux from finished soldering.or do you have any good funds that you know work to 100% for this purpose.

[Assembly] How can I place PCBA order?

Hi,Gerber and component list are prepared, what else does pcbway still need? how can I place PCBA order online?Peter

[Assembly] Is there 'repeat order' option for smt orders?

Hey, I know that pcbway has "repeat order" option for pcb orders. So I was wondering if there was such option for smt.
  • answered Aug 20,2018
    by PCBWay

[Assembly] Pcbway accept semi-finished PCB assembly?

Hi, does pcbway accept semi-finished PCB assembly?I mean not all components in the bom, just part of them, because some components maybe need to be adjusted according to the test.
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