[PCB] My project is paid for, completed, and shipped. Can I still share it?

The page you referred to in your answer to my original question (How can I make my PCB available to others?) shows how to share when ordering the PCB. I can't see how to share it once the order is...

[Others] Share projects

hi1- where can i see my income?2-i uploaded 6 projects, but in my profile, the post field shows the number 0.. why?

[Assembly] Want to make my first project with you - including assembly service.

Hello.I've registered to this great site a long time ago.Didn't order nothing yet.Really want to make/see my first assembles PCB from you.I've seen shared projects that include PCB prototy...

[Others] open source projects!!

Hi,Most projects of mine are open source. So I was wondering if I could share them with other pcbway’s users who might be interested.
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