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PCBWay 4th PCB Design Contest

by: Aug 09,2021 7439 Views 1 Comments Posted in News

We are glad to announce that our 4th PCB design contest is ongoing! 

This year, we have mainly 2 themes of the entries: One is IoT (Internet of Things), which will include home automation, wearable. The other one is robotics, which could be combined with smart cars, drones or other automated projects. If you don’t have any ideas on the above two topics, we also encourage you to play freely and bring us surprises in the projects you are good at! Our project release time from Aug 9nd,2021 to Nov,30th,2021, projects should be uploaded within time frame, otherwise the submissions will be disqualified, and we will announce the final result in mid-December.

Someone will definitely ask what are the rewards for this competition? Don't worry, we have sincerely prepared prizes and gifts worth than $6,000 for contestants to compete:

The First Prize

1 winner

$1500 Cash + $200 Coupon + Raspberry Pi 4G *1

The Second Prize

2 winners

$1000 Cash + $100 Coupon + Raspberry Pi 3 B+ *1 

The Third Prize

3 winners

$500 Cash + $50 Coupon + Arduino Uno Rev3 *1

Popular Design Prize

10 winners + $100 Cash + $20 Coupon + Digital High-Precision Automatic Multimeter *1

Participation Prize

ESP32 IoT Development Board *1(Upload the project and pass our review)

If you selecting IoT and Robotic themes, besides the participation reward, an extra “Realy Module” will be given.

How to start?

1. Sign in/Sign up at https://www.pcbway.com/Member/Login/ 

2. Click “Participate Now” at https://www.pcbway.com/activity/4th-pcb-design-contest.html or directly go to sharedprojects page.

3. Choose contest main theme, enter the title and category of your project. Then click “Continue”.  

4. Finally, you could upload and save files related to this competition.

PCB files are necessary. In order to make the judges better understand your designs, you're encouraged to attach the related files for the project, including Gerber files, BOM file, detailed instructions, and even the tutorial video.

Join us
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