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Winner Interview - Meet Anak Agung Duwi Arsana and his IoT project Temperature Humidity Blynk Portable

by: Jun 24,2020 6260 Views 0 Comments Posted in Activities

Layout Temperature Humidity Blynk Portable PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest PCB PCBWay

Summary:       Anak Agung Duwi Arsana's IoT project Temperature Humidity Blynk Portable wins the third prize of The Most Popular Designs in PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest.

PCBWay Team: “ Could you please briefly introduce yourself? Many other PCBWayers in the community want to know more about you.”

Duwi Arsana: “Hai, my name is Anak Agung Duwi Arsana. But many people call me just Duwiarsana. I am a blogger and also YouTuber on youtube channel anak agung duwi arsana. My daily life is making and repairing electronic equipment.”

PCBWay Team: “When did you start making and how did you learn the skill of PCB Design?”

Duwi Arsana: “I made the first pcb in elementary school. I made it because I read an electronics book in the school library. At that time I drew the layout on the pcb using a permanent marker.”

PCBWay Team: “When did you get involved in the maker movement? Do you remember what first drew your attention?”

Duwi Arsana: “I was involved in the maker movement when I succeeded in making my own pcb. The device that I'm interested in is a flashing light circuit. Because only with a few components we can make a flashing light.”

PCBWay Team: “How did you know about our 3rd PCB Design Contest? And what drove you to attend this contest?”

Duwi Arsana: “I found out about this contest when I published a pcb that I ordered on pcbway. I am interested to follow because I also want others to know the results of my work.”

PCBWay Team: “About your award-winning work, IoT project Temperature Humidity Blynk Portable, could you please tell us more details about it or the story behind? And why did you choose it as your entry?” 

Duwi Arsana: “My design is the answer to some other people's problems. Some people tell me they want a device that can monitor temperature remotely, but can be carried anywhere. That's the reason I made this design.”

PCBWay Team: “ What part of the project process excites you the most?”

Duwi Arsana: “The most exciting part is assembly and testing.”

PCBWay Team: “ In your opinion, what comes first - the existing technology or the design idea?”

Duwi Arsana: “In my opinion what came first was an idea. the technology used will follow our idea.”

PCBWay Team: “ What makes you different/ unique from other makers?”

Duwi Arsana: “What makes me different is that I apply and combine several types of technology into one device, and I packed it with a presentation that is easy to understand and in my daily activities.”

PCBWay Team: “How did you feel when you found that you were one of the winners?”

Duwi Arsana: “I am very happy for sure. and proud that my design attracted many people.”

PCBWay Team: “What do you think is the most important inner traits to be a good PCB designer?”

Duwi Arsana: “The most important inner trait to be a good PCB designer is high curiosity and always looking for a solution to a problem.”

PCBWay Team: “What do you think of Open Source Hardware? And how do you look at the future of open source community?”

Duwi Arsana: “Open source hardware is the best way to make us grow faster. the future of this community will surely grow in numbers and of course benefit each other.”

PCBWay Team: “What do you think of our website or the community page? PCBWay will contribute to the open source community more. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?” 

Duwi Arsana: “The pcbway website is already very user friendly. Maybe for open source community, expand information to schools so they know that there is a community like this on pcbway.”

PCBWay Team: “What are ingredients of a good maker space? If you were to create and equip a new maker space for a school or library, how would your ideal solution look like?”

Duwi Arsana: “The most important thing that has to be in the maker room I think is basic equipment, like gauges and power supplies. And the most important is the manual for basic experiments that can lead to their desire to become a maker.”

PCBWay Team: “PCBWay 4th PCB Design Contest has been in our to-do list, will you join in again? And would you like to suggest your friends to attend as well?”

Duwi Arsana: “I will definitely rejoin and I will invite my friends to.”

PCBWay Team: “Do you have any suggestions to the contest? Regarding to the participation process, display of works, voting, etc.”

Duwi Arsana: “My suggestion might also be considered for the number of viewers and likes on YouTube videos. Most people find it easier to watch and like YouTube videos than to vote on a website.”

PCBWay Team: “If a reader who is inspired by this interview wants to get started with making, what are some good tools and resources for beginners?”

Duwi Arsana: “Basic equipment such as solder and measuring devices are mandatory. And for the electronic circuit we can start from simple on the internet.”


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