The Şahin Rocket Team embarked on an exciting journey in 2020, marking the beginning of a remarkable story in the realms of technology and rocket science. Swiftly evolving and gaining valuable experience since its inception, the team made a pivotal decision to compete in the middle-altitude rocket category at Teknofest, one of Turkey's most prestigious technology competitions, in 2021. In this challenging competition, the team achieved its first major success by securing the 20th position.

However, the ambitions of the Şahin Rocket Team did not end there. In 2022, participating once again in the Teknofest competition, which drew 580 teams from across Turkey, the team elevated its capabilities in the middle-altitude rocket category. Throughout the competition, they astounded the judges and spectators by reaching an impressive altitude ranging between 10,000 and 20,000 feet with their rockets. Following this remarkable performance, the Şahin Rocket Team claimed the 18th position, standing out among 580 competing teams.

These accomplishments highlight how the team has rapidly risen to prominence in a short period. The Şahin Rocket Team aspires to leave a lasting mark on the future with projects that push the boundaries of technology and innovation, and their achievements affirm how close they are to realizing this goal. With sure-footed steps, the team continues to progress towards even greater successes for their future projects.

Our project

Our rocket, with a length of 280 cm and a diameter of 13 cm, is designed with a special configuration. The objective is to reach an altitude of 8,000 feet, triggering the avionics system at the apogee point and safely deploying the parachute. Our two distinct systems, utilizing a proprietary design and a commercial altimeter, collaboratively enhance the rocket's performance and reliability.

The first system is a proprietary design developed in-house, powered by a 9V Li-Ion battery. It measures atmospheric pressure using a pressure altimeter, and the collected data is transmitted to the ground station along with GPS information. This custom design boasts a unique topology tailored to the specific needs of the rocket.

On the other hand, the second system employs a commercial altimeter with its own distinctive topology to bolster the overall reliability of the avionics setup. Integrating a commercial altimeter into the rocket system enhances our ability to accurately monitor and control the descent.

When these two systems work in tandem, they provide a comprehensive approach to avionics. Combining our specially designed solution with a commercial altimeter adds an extra layer of redundancy for safety, leveraging the strengths of both systems to enhance the overall performance and reliability of our rocket.

PCB details

Support Requested:

We are reaching out to PCBWAY to request sponsorship for the manufacturing and production of our PCB. Your sponsorship will play a crucial role in bringing our flight computer, Mergen, to life successfully.

We appreciate your consideration of our proposal and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with PCBWay on this exciting project.

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Mar 20,2024
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