TU Graz Racing Team

Founded in the summer of 2002 through the initiative of passionate students at the Technical University of Graz (TU Graz), the TU Graz Racing Team (TUG Racing) has a rich history of engineering excellence and competitive success. The team debuted their first race car just 14 months after formation, marking the start of a tradition of innovation and achievement in Formula SAE, a prestigious international competition where student teams design, build, and race formula-style vehicles.

From Humble Beginnings to International Triumphs

The TUG Racing team journey began with a remarkable inaugural season that set the stage for future successes. Our second vehicle, "Tankia 2005," clinched the "Winner Overall" title_s at competitions in Germany and Italy, swiftly establishing the team as formidable contenders on the international stage.

Over the years, TUG Racing has consistently demonstrated engineering prowess, adapting to the evolving demands of motorsport. A pivotal moment came in 2012 when the team adopted a single-cylinder engine concept, a strategic decision that propelledus to unprecedented heights. In 2018, TUG Racing achieved the pinnacle of success, securing the 1st place in the Formula SAE World Rankings, triumphing over more than 600 competitors worldwide.

Embracing Electric: A New Chapter

In 2020, TUG Racing embraced a new era of motorsport by transitioning to electric powertrains, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology. This shift has opened exciting avenues for innovation, challenging the team to push the boundaries of electric vehicle (EV) performance and efficiency. By integrating advanced battery systems and state-of-the-art electric motors, TUG Racing is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution in Formula SAE.

In-House Development and Expertise

A hallmark of TUG Racing is our emphasis on in-house development. The team builds and develops most of their components, from chassis and suspension systems to aerodynamic elements and electric drivetrains. This hands-on approach allows team members to gain invaluable experience in design, manufacturing, and testing, fostering a deep understanding of vehicle dynamics and engineering principles.

Current Projects and Innovations

Tankia 2024 "Valerie": The team’s latest electric vehicle, Valerie, embodies our commitment to innovation and performance. Featuring an advanced electric drivetrain, lightweight construction, four-wheel drive, advanced vehicle dynamics systems (including torque vectoring) and cutting-edge aerodynamics relying on powered ground effect. Tankia 2024 is designed to excel in acceleration, handling, and energy efficiency.

R&D Initiatives: TUG Racing is also deeply involved in research and development projects aimed at enhancing vehicle control systems, energy management, and aerodynamics. Their efforts in optimizing battery performance and regenerative braking systems reflect our dedication to advancing EV technology in motorsport.

Render of our current project: "Valerie"

Looking Ahead

As TUG Racing looks to the future, our goals extend beyond competition victories. We aspire to inspire the next generation of engineers and motorsport enthusiasts by showcasing the potential of sustainable vehicle technology. The team remains committed to fostering a collaborative environment where students from diverse backgrounds can unite to tackle the challenges of modern racing.

Partnership Opportunities

Support from partners like PCBWay would be instrumental in furthering TUG Racing’s mission. With PCBWay’s expertise in rapid prototyping and manufacturing, the team can accelerate the development of critical components, ensuring timely and efficient production. This collaboration would empower TUG Racing to refine their designs, optimize performance, and maintain their competitive edge in Formula SAE.

With support from PCBWay we would be able to print larger and more complex parts, like our newly designed powered ground duct, which channels high velocity air from Impellers into the undertray, to gain downforce in low speed cornering.

Join us on this thrilling journey as we continue to innovate, compete, and inspire in the world of Formula SAE. Together, we can drive the future of motorsport and sustainable vehicle technology.

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Jun 18,2024
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