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Single Phase Active Shunt Harmonic Filter

### DESCRIPTION ( Introduce yourself and your project)

Started in August 2015, the Tinkerer’s Lab deals with Robotics, Embedded Systems, Power Electronics, Image Processing, Automation and allied fields. Since its formation, the lab has already achieved quite a lot. We aim to create awareness and promote electronics at V.E.S. Institute of Technology, Mumbai, take up interesting projects, mentor our juniors, organize workshops and seminars for them, etc.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkerers.lab.vesit/

Wordpress: https://tinkererslabvesit.wordpress.com/

Till now, we have been manufacturing single-sided PCBs by the toner transfer method on own, due to lack of infrastructure of manufacturing much more complex double-sided boards. This limitation also limits our technical advancement as we do not design double-sided boards because of not being able to manufacture them.

As an encouragement for everyone to move on to double-sided boards, we have designed one for our project titled "Design and Implementation of a Single Phase Active Shunt Harmonic Filter"

### TECHNICAL DETAILS (With project photos)

With the increase in AC power networks with nonlinear loads such as adjustable-speed drives (ASDs), variable-frequency drives (VFDs) furnaces, computer power supplies, etc there is high amount of harmonic distortion that affects the Power Quality of the Power System.

Traditionally, Passive filters using inductors and Capacitors have been used for filtering these harmonics in the Power System, however the Passive Filters pose the following demerits:

1.      High Losses (Both Dynamic and Static).

2.      Fixed compensation due to fixed number of filters.

3.      Ineffective in filtering with deviation in grid frequency as filters are tuned with High Q.

4.    Long term usage with leaky capacitances cause deviation in tuning frequency, thus causing ineffective filtering.

5.      For selective filtering, individual filters are required for harmonic reduction.

A Passive Harmonic filter can be replaced by an Active Harmonic Filter that we have designed and the above mentioned demerits can be easily eliminated.

The active shunt harmonic filter is essentially a smartly modulated inverter to perform the following tasks. The DC side of the voltage source inverter is connected to an energy storing capacitor and the AC side of the inverter is connected to the AC bus through the interface inductor. The AC bus supply that the filter will be connected to will have heavy amount of harmonic distortion due to non-linear loads.

The active harmonic filter is controlled in a closed loop manner via an on board TMS320F28027ZPTT LaunchPad by Texas Instruments. The inverter switches are controlled to actively shape the current through the coupling (interface) inductorfollowing a reference current such that the input current from the source is in - phase and of the same shape as the input sinusoidal voltage. Thus, the active harmonic filter supplies reactive and harmonic components of the load current and hence the source will be required to supply only the in-phase fundamental component of the load current. The current waveform for canceling harmonics is achieved with the help of active power inverter and an interfacing inductor and there will be a significant improvement in tackling the Power Quality issues and thus mitigating harmonics in industrial loads.

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### Words to PCBWay

PCBWay's sponsorship means a lot to us as it would open paradigms for our research potentials. We would be thankful to PCBWay if the PCBs are sponsored in the process and would help us in stretching our design limitations that are currently imposed upon us due to lack of proper manufacturing infrastructure.

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