Robot for robot battle "BoolbaTron"

This project is the development of students and graduates of the Belarusian National Technical University. This robot is designed to participate in the "battle of robots" championships.

The uniqueness of this robot lies in its wide base, which makes it more stable compared to other robots. Also, due to the all-wheel drive, the robot has high maneuverability and mobility.

We decided to create it after many years of watching robot battles. We mainly develop small autonomous mini-sumo robots, but we would like to try our hand at more exciting and spectacular competitions.

The available brushless motors with gearboxes of their own design will be used as the propulsion. The control will be carried out using radio equipment. Our pilot has good reflexes and strategic thinking; we are confident that these traits will allow us to rise to the podium of the battle of robots.

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May 02,2024
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