RCJ Soccer Team Copper Pipes v2

### DESCRIPTION ( Introduce yourserlf and your project)

We are team copper pipes, an RCJ Singapore soccer team competing in this year's robocup Singapore. We have used PCBway for this same project before, but now we have come up with an all new design for our 2nd team which has a more complex PCB 

### TECHNICAL DETAILS (With project photos)

This is our updated PCB design. We have made use of thicker traces and ground pour for better power transfer as well as to make sure that our pcb can handle higher voltages as we try to scale up our performance. This also fixes some old problems we had.

We are making use of 4 motors, and 4 pololu high power drivers to power our robot's holonomic drive in order to efficiently chase the ball around the field. We are also making use of a solenoid as a kicker, and another motor as a dribbler for the ball. We use a IRF520 MOS module to power our solenoid as we are afraid there isn't enough space on our PCB to power it directly. We make use of 12 TEMT6000 SMD LDRs to check whether our robot passes the white line, and 4 HC-SR04+ to make sure our robot moves back into the playing area. We make use of a teensy for faster communication in a smaller package compared to arduino, and we use an LCD for easier debugging. We also make use of a raspberry pi to send data from the raspberry pi camera module V2 to the teensy to detect the location of the ball. These are the main components of our robot.

### Words to PCBWay

We have applied for sponsorships before, even for a similar project. However, we still do need another PCB for this current upgraded version, and we felt that it would be dishonest to create another account just to apply for a higher sponsorship, so we feel that it would be better to use the same account and potentially get a lower sponsorship. We hope that despite applying for multiple sponsorships, we can still get the help we need to accomplish this project. Thank you so much to PCBWay for the previous support you guys have given us, we really appreciate it!

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Mar 05,2018
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