PULSAR Rocket Team - Avionics System

⚡ Introduction

Individuals engaged in model rocketry and aviation activities nowadays continually seek new technological products to enhance efficiency and safety standards. In this context, ensuring the reliability of recovery systems, especially in rocket systems, is of utmost importance. The Magnetar Pulsar Avionics System is designed to meet these requirements.

🌟 About the Project

Magnetar Pulsar Avionics System can send altitude and gyro data with wide coverage LoRa(E220-400T30S), stores flight data with EEPROM(AT24C512), tracks the temperature and calculates altitude by measuring atmospheric pressure with barometer(MS5611|BMP388), can detect the exact position of the rocket with GPS(PA1616S), calculates the acceleration and direction angle of the rocket with the high-sensitive gyroscope(MPU6050), and with this data, prevent abnormal landings and allowing the rocket to achieve safe recovery function.

🧰Getting Started

  • STM32F401CCU6: The Microcontroller that controls the system.
  • MS5611:It offers to measure pressure of air, measure temperature and track the altitude with high-sensitivity.
  • BMP388:It offers to measure pressure of air, measure temperature and track the altitude with low-energy.
  • MPU6050:Used for detect acceleration and rotation to track the System’s position.
  • PA1616S:It can track the location of rocket with Longtitude and Latitude.
  • E220-400T30S:Used for send telemetry data to ground station.
  • AT24C512 EEPROM:Used for store the flight data.

🎯 Core Functions

The primary purpose of the Magnetar Pulsar Avionics System is to continuously measure altitude, angle, and acceleration data of the rocket using two pressure sensors (MS6511|BMP388) and a gyroscope(MPU6050). When the desired conditions are met, it activates the recovery systems to deploy the main and drogue parachutes. The operational concept is depicted in the visual.

While performing these tasks, it communicates the location data from the sensors and GPS (PA1616S) to the ground station via a LoRa module (E220-400T30S) at a rate of 5Hz. Additionally, it records this information in the onboard EEPROM (AT24C512).

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May 01,2024
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