Open Project Space

Open Project Space (OPS) is a staple program of the IEEE student branch at the University of California, Irvine where students learn the basics of embedded systems. Through workshops and projects, students learn the fundamentals of electronics from circuit design to Arduino programming.

OPS is run by a team of passionate students who help guide participants through these topics to better prepare themselves for opportunities in larger projects, research, and internships. Due to the passion of our team, Open Project Space has helped IEEE at UC Irvine win many awards for the diversity of technical and professional opportunities that we bring to the student body.

One aspect of OPS that uses a PCB is the final capstone project. Using everything they have learned from previous projects and lectures, students create a remote controlled rover. This remote controller implements an Arduino Nano, a joystick module, and a radio transceiver. Given these requirements, each student will design their own custom pcb controller and submit it for fabrication making each rover truly unique. Students use the knowledge they gained from the workshops and lectures to do their own layout and wiring on the PCB. In the context of the project, these controllers take positional data from the joystick and send it via wireless communication to an Arduino on the rovers, prompting the motors to spin in the appropriate directions.

The team would greatly appreciate the support of PCBway. Open Project Space is funded entirely by sponsors and the student branch’s own fundraising efforts. Without the support of external organizations, Open Project Space would never have reached the level it has. With PCBway’s support we would be able to create and develop new programs to help support students after OPS as well as provide them with more tools to help bring their own creations to life. We are excited to work with PCBway to bring about growth and continue supporting our students and programs.

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Apr 26,2024
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