NW-Flinger 3D-Printer Build

Who I Am

I’m Noah, a high school engineer obsessed with FDM 3D-printing. My 3d-printing journey began in 2019 when I bought an Ender 3, the most budget-friendly machine at the time. For four years I added modifications and upgrades to make it faster, more capable, and produce better prints. Last year, I dove even deeper into the rabbit hole by buying a PRUSA MK4, and after several collaborations, partnerships, and donations, I now own eight 3d-printers. With these, I produce a variety of parts for other maker projects, as well as experiment with engineering-grade materials like polycarbonate. However, my favorite part of the hobby is modifying and improving the printers themselves, which is why I decided to design my own.

Project Inspiration

In early 2001, when 3d-printing was just getting off the ground, STRATASYS patented several innovations, which prevented other companies from implementing them in their own products. One such patent was for a 3d-printer with its motors outside of the enclosed area. This would allow the machine to be able to produce high-temperature parts without causing long term damage to its electronic and motion systems. In June 2021, this patent expired, which means that we are now free to build off STRATASYS’ design. 

Project Descript_ion

The printer I am designing uses a Cartesian motion system, which means that all 3 axes move independently. As you can see below, the main design elements are: metal frame, fully enclosed, isolated motors, minimal FDM printed parts use, and each axis must be structurally stable. 

The base is built on the bottom assembly of an Ender 3 V2, and uses the original power supply. So far, the y-axis linear rails and bed mount have been installed, and I am working on the X and Z axis motion system now. 

Words to PCBWay

From PCBWay, I’d need the bed mount to be cut from 4mm aluminum, as well as the Z-joints to be CNC’ed, on which the X-assembly mounts. Finally, the extruder and hot end mounts should be made with SLS nylon, if possible. Currently, I haven’t designed the Z-joints or extruder mount, but they will be modeled by the end of this week. I appreciate PCBWay’s willingness to sponsor this project, and I look forward to using your services!

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Apr 25,2024
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