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Hello. Our team's name is MagneSky. We are preparing for the TEKNOFEST Rocket Competition, the most popular and very important competition in Turkey. We are a very new team established in 2024.Our team consists of 5 students. Our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of rocket technology and inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts. The competition challenged the team to design, build and launch a rocket that can reach a certain height and carry a payload. Despite the fierce competition, our team demonstrates their skills and determination. Looking forward, the team is eager to continue their success in future competitions and inspire more students to pursue their passion for space technology.





MagneSky Avionics System can send altitude and gyroscope data with wide coverage LoRa (E220-400T30D), store flight data with EEPROM (AT24C512), track temperature and calculate altitude by measuring atmospheric pressure with barometer (MS5611|BMP280), GPS (UBLOX NEO-M8N) calculates the exact position of the rocket, the acceleration and direction angle of the rocket with a high-precision gyroscope (MPU9250), and with this data, it prevents abnormal landings and ensures that the rocket reaches a safe recovery function.






ATMega328P: The Microcontroller that controls the system.

MS5611: It offers to measure pressure of air, measure temperature and track the altitude with high-sensitivity.

BMP280: It triggers the rescue system at the desired altitude with the speed calculated from the altitude data.

MPU9050: By determining the vertical position of the rocket from the ground, it will take part in opening the payload parachute, drift parachute and main parachute.

E220-400T30D: Used for send telemetry data to ground station.

UBLOX NEO-M8N: It can track the location of rocket with Longtitude and Latitude.

AT24C512 EEPROM: Used for store the flight data.






The avionics model we completed was carefully designed to meet all the needs of our rocket team. We use the Arduino Nano circuit board for processing power, which streamlines our coding processes. Our card triggers two separate recovery systems at different times, so we can make adjustments according to our needs. This mechanism was specially designed for the Teknofest Rocket competition in which we will participate as the Magnetarge team. Our goal is to reach an altitude of 3, 000 meters and for this (E220400T30D) communicates with the ground station with the Lora module and sends data. In this way, we can quickly transfer altitude and other data to the ground station when necessary. The Lora module we use has a range of 8 kilometers in free space and is suitable for climbing to higher altitudes.




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May 08,2024
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