In this project, we will participate in the competition. Our goal is to complete the designated course as soon as possible. In short, we do electronic tools. I did the electronic part of our project.

This project is the industrial 24V DC motor drive circuit. Our card can attract as much as 60A with a very comfortable current. Can be used in electric cars, sumo robots. You can set the PWM with the driver we use. However, we recommend that you use the drivers with cooler. Also do not forget to use the fuse. Our card also has a control section. We used Arduino here. We have a 5V and 12V and 3V regulator circuit. We send a signal to the mosfet card with our card. We supplied the voltage from 24V battery and 12V lipo. With the Bluetooth module that we use, we have set the left and right back and forth from the phone.
I'll help you ask all your questions about the project.


Thank you so much PCBWAY

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Mar 18,2019
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