Jönköping University Solar Car

Dear PCBWay

I am writing to introduce our project, the JU Solar Team, a student-led initiative from

Jönköping University dedicated to advancing solar energy technology /p>

sustainable transportation solutions.

Our project revolves around the design, construction, and optimization of solar-powered

vehicles. These vehicles are not only efficient and environmentally friendly

but also showcase the potential of solar energy in the transportation sector.

By harnessing the power of the sun, we aim to promote sustainable practices /p>

inspire others to embrace clean energy solutions.

As part of our project, we often require high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) to

integrate various electronic components into our vehicles. These PCBs play a

crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of our systems, ranging from

power management to data acquisition.

We are particularly interested in your capabilities for producing custom PCBs with

precision and reliability.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss potential collaboration or sponsorship

opportunities with PCBWay to support our project's goals and further promote

sustainable innovation.

Thank you for considering our project, and we look forward to the possibility of working


We are competing in Bridgestone world solar challenge that takes place every second year. Last race was in 2023 where we placed in 7th place. This was our best placement to this date, but we are aiming for the podium places.

Why I decided to join this project is because a few different reasons, first of all I'm very car interested and wanted to be part of JU solar team and build our own car. Second reason is that I want to take part and develop a better future with less emissions. But to make my dream a reality we need to develop a lot of different PCBs which costs a lot of money and that's why I'm reaching out.

We offer a lot of different ways to work with us for example a logo on our website or car. See our website: https://www.jusolarteam.se/


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Apr 23,2024
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