Our project focuses on the creation of a hybrid rocket engine capable of generating 400N of thrust. This engine will serve as the primary propulsion system for a future rocket. We are providing a comprehensive overview of every aspect of our project on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.




The rocketengine will consist of several critical components, including the injector, combustion chamber, nozzle, fuel grain, oxidizer tank and pressurization system. Each component will undergo extensive testing in our upcoming testing campaign this summer.

The project currently receives financial support from the DPG (German Physical Society). However, we are actively seeking additional funding and sponsors for the future rocket construction.

We would like to be sponsored by PCBWay, especially for the CNC-manufacturing of our Oxidisertank- Bulkheads. We are not able to manufacture them by ourelves becaue the are to big for our lathe.

We are a group of students from various German high schools passionate about rocket science. Our team consists of many individuals aged 13 to 20 years old, united by the common interest in exploring the intricacies of aerospace engineering.

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Apr 24,2024
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