Hermes Racing Official F1 in Schools World Finals Team

We are Hermes Racing Official F1 in Schools team, we will be competing in a world wide stem competition against many other countries. Our team represents the UAE in the World Finals with hundreds of team and people competing with thousands watching and in the largest stem competition in the world. We are a team of highschool students who found themselves with many talents and interest that combined formed a strong and great team and after having gone through nationals and getting podium finish world finals is the next target in our way. This competition is a marketing, engineering, sustainability, and management based, there is a model car that has to be raced down a straight line like a dragster powered by a CO2 canister and that has to be made from a foam block and 3d printed components and with extensive testing, marketing deals with social media, ours sponsorship, our portfolio too, sustainability deals with the more eco and environmentally conscious side of the team looking for opportunities to help the environ and ourselves, management deals with aligning all these departments and making them work in harmony and order through several months of prep and work leading up to the finals.

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Apr 22,2024
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