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MES Racing is a team of 20 passionate students from the University of St. “Cyril and Methodius” – UKIM, which for the first time will participate in a Formula Student competition, specifically in Formula Student Alpe Adria on the Bugatti Rimac Test Track. We aim to build the first Macedonian small-scale formula style racing car, showcasing our country’s engineering prowess globally. Our project promotes diversity, inclusion, and sustainability by involving women in motorsport, reusing parts, minimizing waste, and using environmentally friendly fuel. We strive to make a lasting impact on motorsports, education, and the environment.



Our mission is to establish the first racing team within UKIM which will start and continue to cultivate motorsport culture among students and give them an opportunity of comprehensive practical experience and STEM education, as well as the opportunity to foster personal and professional growth while promoting engineering excellence and pushing the boundaries of automotive technology. Our ultimate goal is to compete and succeed in international Formula Student competitions, showcasing our technical skills, creativity, and passion for motorsports.



Our vision is to establish a thriving Formula Student project in North Macedonia, empowering students to participate in renowned motorsport competitions. We aim to provide hands-on experience, foster collaboration, and promote inclusivity, creating a platform where young engineers can showcase their talents globally. Through our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and ethical practices, we strive to leave a lasting impact on education, the community, and the motorsport industry, inspiring future generations to pursue their passion and achieve remarkable success.




As a first year team, the progress that we have made in a year could be labeled as astonishing. From humble beginning with only 10 members and no solid direction, the team now counts up to 20 members with 60% of the car being finished and many partners backing the project. Furthermore, we as a team, try to share our knowledge and spirit with younger generation, to inspire them to chase their careers, give them an opportunity to be a part of a team that works on a big project with several disciplines and chance for a STEM education, meanwhile cultivating the motorsport culture. Because of these reasons, the team organised a special event, for students and high schoolers with the partner European House. This gave an opportunity for students to experience the team's energy by designing an aero concept based on the regulations that would be used in the following years. From this point onward, the tempo just got faster.


January 2024 came and we had to split the team in 2 parts, one that would focus on engineering and one that would prepare for the participation quiz and covering the cost for entering the competition. We didn't had high hopes, but we aced both, finishing on the 20th place from 43 teams and entering the competition, while the engineering team designed and manufactured the needed components for the car in the designated time. It was time to spread our influence, especially online.



Our marketing team did a lot of thinkering and came with great solutions that would give us a larger exposure, brand name and identity. The website was redesigned, our social media has more interaction with the fanbase now and we entered the online esport event FSAA, organised by FS Alpe Adria. The poster announcement for our participation for the event was so unique, it got praised by the organisers and inspired them to design a similar for their esport commentators. This has given us the opportunity to forge new partnerships and collaborations. 


As we are approaching the finalisation of our car, we would greatly benefit from the support of PCBWay. As a team that is dedicated to build its first Formula Student racing car, we are facing difficulties in manufacturing PCBs, that are within our budget and standard. Because of these 2 reasons, PCBWay's support would greatly help us make our prototypes into fully fledged product that would go into the car and have high standards which are needed for these kind of competitions. We are excited and would appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with PCBWay to achieve our goals.

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Apr 22,2024
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