FTC Turbo V8 #14259: Our Journey

Hello from TurboV8! We are an enthusiastic and innovative FTC (First Tech Challenge) team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of robotics engineering. Our journey began with a shared passion for technology, engineering, and problem-solving. Every season, we strive to design, build, and program robots that can tackle complex challenges while learning and growing as a team. This year, our mission aligns with the FTC 2024-2025 season theme, "Into the Deep," where we are tasked with creating a robot capable of navigating and solving underwater-themed challenges. The catch? They aren’t underwater, as liquids are banned from the competition. This exciting theme encourages us to explore new engineering techniques and adapt to unique constraints, sparking our creativity and technical skills. Previously, one of our significant accomplishments in the past season was the development of the differentials swerve, a versatile and robust robot platform designed for agility and precision. The castor wheel differential swerve, which we showcased at OpenSauce, integrates our custom-designed coaxial differential. This differential mechanism allows our robot to have enhanced maneuverability and control, essential for navigating the intricate field setups in FTC competitions. The castor wheel differential swerve's success demonstrated our ability to innovate and execute complex mechanical designs effectively.

Coaxial Differential and Its Integration

The coaxial differential is a pivotal component of our castor wheel differential swerve, representing a breakthrough in our mechanical engineering capabilities. This system allows for independent wheel movement and precise turning, providing our robot with superior handling and adaptability on the field. The differential's integration into the differential swerve enabled us to achieve fluid and responsive movement, crucial for tasks requiring high agility and speed.

This Year's Challenge: Into the Deep

As we dive "Into the Deep" this season, we are excited to leverage our experience with the differentials swerve and coaxial differential to tackle the underwater-themed challenges. Our focus will be on designing a robot that can handle diverse tasks such as object retrieval, navigation through tight spaces, and completing intricate underwater maneuvers. This theme pushes us to explore waterproofing techniques, buoyancy control, and other innovative solutions that mimic real-world underwater robotics.

Why PCBWay?

We believe PCBWay’s support can elevate our engineering and innovation capabilities to new heights. With PCBWay's high-quality PCB manufacturing services, we can design and implement advanced electronic systems for our robot, ensuring reliability and performance under the challenging conditions of this year's theme. This sponsorship from PCBWay will empower us to experiment with cutting-edge technology, refine our designs, and ultimately build a more efficient and effective robot.

TurboV8 is committed to excellence in robotics, and we are excited about the potential partnership with PCBWay. Your support will not only help us achieve our goals for this season but also inspire us to continue exploring the fascinating world of robotics. Together, we can make significant strides in technology and innovation, contributing to the broader STEM community.

Thank you for considering our application. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with PCBWay and showcase what we can achieve together in the FTC "Into the Deep" season!

Want to learn more? Feel free to check us out at ftcturbov8.com, or dropping us a follow on instagram at ftc_turbov8!

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Jun 22,2024
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