Eco Octano UFPR - Ultra-Efficient Vehicles

Founded in 2012, Eco Octano epitomizes energy efficiency at the Federal University of Paraná. Comprised of 40 engineering students, our team is dedicated to designing ultra-efficient electric vehicles to compete in the Shell Eco-marathon Brazil, a prestigious event organized by Shell. Over the years, our team has achieved second and third places in previous editions, and now, our goals are set on reaching the top to advance to the Shell Eco-marathon Americas in the United States.

The Shell Eco-marathon is a global academic program focused on energy efficiency and is one of the premier engineering student competitions worldwide. At Eco Octano, we understand the critical role of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in the vital systems of our vehicle. The quality and efficiency of these PCBs significantly impact the overall efficiency of the vehicle.

We utilize PCBs in crucial systems such as power distribution and safety mechanisms required by competition regulations, including emergency buttons. Additionally, we design PCBs to control our two electric motors: DC and BLDC. We test the efficiency of each motor and subsequently choose which one to compete with, ensuring the highest efficiency for our vehicle. Moreover, we develop PCBs dedicated exclusively to instrumentation and telemetry, allowing us to collect essential data on the vehicle's performance metrics such as speed, temperature, voltage, and current. This data enables us to identify areas for improvement and continuously enhance the vehicle's efficiency. Attached are photos of some of the PCBs developed for the past competition and photos of our car on the track as well.

Furthermore, being associated with PCB Way represents an excellent opportunity for us to showcase your brand on a prestigious platform. The Shell Eco-marathon competition promotes innovation and sustainability on a global scale, attracting diverse teams from various countries. By sponsoring our team, PCB Way would not only gain exposure to a wide audience but also demonstrate a commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.

Additionally, supporting student-led initiatives like the Shell Eco-marathon not only promotes a more sustainable future but also encourages young minds to engage in innovative solutions to urgent environmental challenges. By investing in our team, PCB Way would not only help us grow as a team and achieve greater milestones in the competition but also contribute to the development of the next generation of leaders in engineering and sustainability.

We firmly believe that a partnership between Eco Octano UFPR and PCB Way would be mutually beneficial and aligned with our shared values of education and the future of engineering.

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Jul 02,2024
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