EPFL Rocket Team

EPFL Rocket Team is a group of students from EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) and neighbouring Swiss universities passionate about aerospace and engineering. Our goal is to build a rocket for the Spaceport America Cup, the worlds largest student rocketry competition, which takes place each year in New-Mexico (USA). Apart from the engine, the rocket is fully student researched and developped. We take care of design, simulation, production and of course, testing. 

This will be our second participation at the competition. Last summer at the competition, we were awarded the Jim Furfaro award for technical excellence. The prize, given to one of the 124 competing teams, recognises excellent mastering and understanding of the technologies developped in the rocket. 

This year's rocket will be 2,80 meters and approximately 25 kilograms. The body is made out of pre-preg carbon fiber and aluminium. The goal of the competition is to reach 10'000 ft while recovering the rocket in fully functionning state. To do so, we developped airbrakes which adjust the rockets apogee during the flight and a recovery system consisting of a parachute and its ejection system.

The goal of this project is to spread interest in aerospace engineering and space exploration at EPFL, one of the world's top engineering schools. Space represents an incredible opportunity for mankind. Spreading the interest in aerospace is our way of tackling the future.

By conceiving a rocket from top to bottom, we explore innovative concepts and designs which gives us hand on experience. This proves usefull as some of our alumni are already shaping the future of engineering in the aerospace industry. 

Also, launching rockets on your week-ends is pretty cool.

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Oct 16,2018
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