DIY Phone Controlled FPV Rover

Let's build a Bluetooth/ WiFi controlled FPV Drone! RoverBot is a highly educational Arduino based ATV-drone. It's simple to make, easy to program and is a great starter project for hobbyists! The bot is very fast and agile, not to mention of it carrying two "29,000 rpm" motors! It can surely outrun humans regardless of the terrain you're on!

This RoverBot is a soft prototype. My next agenda is to make v2.0 water resistant, shockproof and dirt-proof. The next one would probably carry metal-gearboxes and long range TX RX modules.

How Do You Control It?

RoverBot is based on the famous Arduino development board. Since Arduino supports a wide variety of shields and modules (RC/ WiFi/ Bluetooth), you can choose any type of communication. For my setup, I'm currently using my JY-MCU Bluetooth module, as seen in my previous robot project. You can control RoverBot with your smartphone (via app) and display the FPV footage on another smartphone. Although, Bluetooth has limitations when it comes to range, that's why I'm planning to buy a xBee module to get at least 1km of control.

Endless Possibilities! Ideas!

- Rescue Drone (ex. Redcross Drone)

- Home Surveillance Bot

- Scientific Research Data logging Bot

- Laser Tag FPV Bots!

RoverBot is equipped with:

- 2x Tamiya PlamaDash Motors (29,000rpm - Carbon Brushed)

- Tamiya Twin Gearbox (Configured @58:1 gear ratio)

- Tamiya Track and Wheels Set (With Peg Board)

- 7.4v - 950mAh Turningy LiPo Battery

- Pololu 2x30A Motor Driver

- JY-MCU Bluetooth Module

- 5MP Wireless IP Camera

- Arduino Uno

Building The Bot In 15 Minutes (Fast Forward)

TAKE NOTE: To prevent the brushes from wearing out quickly, the Rover's motor driver is set to half speed (200/400) . Remember, these motors are designed to operate at 3v not 7.4v.


FPV In Action:


Garage Test - Drifting On Tiles

Indoor Test:

Outdoor Off-road Garden Test:

The Phone App/ Interface - Used on my 1KG Sumobot

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Dec 31,2019
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