DIY Commercial Drone: An Innovative Students Project

About Our Team

Founded in 2023, our DIY Drone Team consists of passionate students from world-renowned universities, all dedicated to revolutionizing drone technology. Our team includes students from diverse fields such as engineering, computer science, and physics, all working together to push the boundaries of what commercial drones can achieve.

Project Overview

Our current project is a groundbreaking DIY commercial drone capable of lifting a man. This ambitious project showcases our commitment to innovation and technical excellence, aiming to create a versatile and powerful drone for a variety of commercial applications.



Transmitter and Receiver

Flight Controller

Key Components of Our DIY Drone

1. Transmitter and Receiver:

Cost: $300

Descript_ion: Custom-designed for optimal range and signal integrity, these components are crucial for reliable control and communication.

2. Flight Controller:

Cost: $200

Descript_ion: Engineered for precise control and stability, our flight controller uses state-of-the-art algorithms to ensure smooth and safe flight operations.

3. Power Delivery System:

Cost: $150

Descript_ion: Manages and delivers power from high-capacity Li-battery cells to the system, operating in three distinct modes: Off, Power Delivery (On), and Charge.

4. Computing Circuit:

Cost: $250

Descript_ion: Includes a Raspberry Pi 4 computing unit, dual camera ports, LED drivers, an SD card reader, an Accelerometer ADXL345, a Barometer BMP390, and a buzzer for audible signals. Captures two 1080p, 60fps video streams from a pair of Raspberry Pi-cam v2.1.

5. BLDC Motors (x4):

Cost: $600

Descript_ion: Essential for lifting heavy loads and ensuring smooth operation.

6. Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) (x4):

Cost: $200

Descript_ion: Critical for controlling the speed and performance of the BLDC motors.

7. High-Capacity Batteries:

Cost: $400

Descript_ion: Provides the necessary power for extended flight times.

Our Vision for the Future

Our team is eager to continue our success in future competitions and inspire more students to pursue their passion for drone and aerospace technology. We are committed to fostering a community of innovation and collaboration, where students from all backgrounds can come together to tackle the challenges of the drone and space industry.

The Importance of PCBWay's Support

As a team dedicated to designing and building advanced drone technology, we face challenges in sourcing and manufacturing parts within our budget and timeline. PCBWay's quick prototyping capabilities would allow us to provide valuable design experience and feedback to more members of our team, enabling them to expand their skills and knowledge for all of our ongoing projects.

Our Ongoing Endeavors

1. Hyperion:

Descript_ion: Experienced students are developing a fully in-house bi-liquid engine that will be integrated into our competition drone, aiming to fully realize our goal of achieving manned flight by 2027.

2. Project Icarus:

Descript_ion: A research project aiming to develop advanced navigation and control technologies for our drone, with a prototype currently in development.

How PCBWay Can Help

PCBWay's support would enable us to develop more efficient and effective drone technology, inspiring the next generation of aerospace enthusiasts. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with PCBWay and achieve our goals through their support.

Thank you for considering our project. We look forward to the possibility of partnering with PCBWay and showcasing the incredible capabilities of your services to a global audience.

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Jun 06,2024
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